What is Senior Home Care?

When people think about home health care, they often imagine someone lying in a hospital bed in the middle of the living room. So, What is senior home care? A home health care isn’t just for people who are very ill. Sometimes home care is used for rehabilitative services, both long-term and short-term. The elderly too can benefit a great deal from a wide variety of services. As mentioned, the elderly don’t have to be extremely ill to need home care at grannynannies.com/boca-raton.

Another option for caring for the elderly includes elderly home care. This allows the old, disabled or sick individual to remain at home, in familiar surroundings, while getting assistance from caregiving professionals all the time. These professionals offer a wide range of senior home care services. Care can range from someone coming by periodically, to someone who lives with the elderly individual to provide 24-hour care. Individuals that require medical assistance usually require the services of a live-in caregiver, whereas those whose primary needs are non-medical related have caregivers who check in periodically.

A common service offered by most home health care agencies is help with daily tasks and grooming. Some senior citizens are in fairly good health, but they may have trouble getting around. Maybe they can no longer drive, so they need someone to take them food shopping or to run errands. Aides can provide help, whether it’s taking them to the bank or picking up their prescription medicine. What if your parent or loved one is suffering from a bit of arthritis in the hands? That can make cooking extremely difficult, as well as tidying up the home. Without a strong grip, it’s hard to do a lot of tasks we’ve always deemed as “simple.” Aides can take care of these tasks too.

Senior citizens having a bit more trouble may need assistance for other tasks such as grooming and bathing. This is especially so for people in a wheelchair or who may be suffering from debilitating illnesses. Going to the bathroom, washing, and changing clothes might be impossible for some and these people will most certainly need help every single day.

Finally, there are services offered by home health care agencies for companionship. Some seniors may be just fine getting around the home, but the problem is that there is no one else in their home to spend time with. At this age, seniors have experienced the loss of spouses, friends, and other family members. Many just want people in their lives to spend time with. Companionship can give them the opportunity to visit a museum, sit in the park, or just sit at home and chat with someone. It can make a big difference in their mood and can give them so much comfort.

With many home health care services available, you can make the lives of your loved ones much easier. Home health care is often cheaper than sending a person to a nursing home. Also, many associate great negativity with nursing homes, often feeling like they are being “shipped off.” Health care aides will allow them to keep the home they love and to maintain their independence.

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