Top Teething Tips and Remedies for Parents

The teething process is a natural one, but it makes many parents jittery. Reducing the pain that comes with teething is the desire of every parent, especially the new ones. With several recalls and FDA warnings on the potential dangers of tablets used for relieving the pain, the only safe solutions to the situation are the natural ones. Some teething pills have been found to contain benzocaine which is a health hazard to babies. I highly recommend the med-free remedies since they are safe, easy to apply and cost-effective to help teething babies.

Counteracting Pain Through Pressure
Applying pressure to the sore gums of a teething baby acts as an excellent distraction. The traditional way of going about it is to have the parent gently press a clean finger on the gums in a rhythmic way. If the parent is unable to sit around and use the fingers to sooth the pain, then teethers can come in handy. The baby will chew on the items thus exerting pressure on the gums. However, one should observe the fondness of the baby towards a particular type of teether till they find one that they enjoy chewing.

Reducing Gum Temperature
When the temperature around the gums rises, the pain becomes more intense during teething. Therefore, getting natural remedies to reduce the pressure will do the trick. The first option entails using a chilled washcloth. To achieve maximum output from this method, the parent should place a wet, chilled washcloth in a clean plastic bag and give the baby to munch. In case the baby has begun eating solid foods then cold fruit can be used instead of the washcloth. Caution should be taken to monitor the child while they are chewing on fruits such as carrots to avoid choking.

Limiting the Inflammation of Gums
The nerves in the gum area of the baby are responsible for signaling the pain to the brain. It follows that if the gum gets an inflammation, the nerves will be spread over a wide area; thus they will register more pain. In this regard, the parent needs to fall back to a diet that will limit inflammation of the gums. Juicing fresh fruit and vegetables for the baby and also adding fish products and healthy fats will reduce inflammation. Foods to be avoided include dairy products, refined sugar, wheat and corn flour and potatoes.

Introduce Safe Teething Tools
There are safe and non-toxic materials such as silicone and wood that can be used to make toys on which the baby can chew. The ideal type of toy will depend on the taste of the baby. Therefore, the parent should examine how the varying textures and shapes make the baby feel. One can even decide to buy a toy that contains items of various materials, shapes, and textures so that the baby selects that which he or she likes.

The above top teething tips and remedies for parents will make them relaxed knowing that there is no health hazard their babies face. The methods are simple to apply and convey straightforward logic as to how they help the baby. Therefore, additional tips for dealing with teething should follow the same parameters of ensuring that the safety and health of the child are put first.

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