Tips on using a beard trimmer

Beard trimmer is one of the most valuable grooming devices for man. It gives you clean and professional look. However, they are not as easy to use as you think. Here are some tips on using a beard trimmer fromĀ

1. Grooming the beard – You should comb the beard hair in that direction in which it grows. This way the hair can be straight. Decide the look you want after the trimming the beard. Use the shaving cream on your beard and wash off after a while, wet the beard slightly. If you are using the trimmer first time it is better to use long hair setting otherwise you will lose more hair than you want.

2. Trimming beard to hair length – You should always have a mirror in front of you when you are using the beard trimmer. Neck area is the best part to start trimming the beard. The key to a stylish beard is a tidy neckline. Now, start trimming under the chin then following the jawline, trim toward the ear area and upper beard-line. Do it in an upward way. Don’t be hasty, shave slowly, in between take a break and have a look.

3. Beard Line – Hold the trimmer in your hand vertically. The blades of the trimmer should be facing you. Start trimming from the edge of the beard-line. Move the trimmer on your skin towards the edge of the beard-line to your desired location.

4. Taking care of mustache – It is very important to take care of mustache when you are trimming your beard. Having a good mustache will bring your whole look to life. When trimming your beard, always be cautious with your mustache because a small mistake and there will be patches in your beard. Before using beard trimmer over your mustache, comb the mustache downwards then use the trimmer to get rid of the hairs that are tangling over your lips.

5. Clean shaved look – If you want to completely remove your beard, you don’t need to use any guard. This is very easy and won’t take much time or effort because you are going to clean your whole face and neck with the use of your trimmers blades. Always use a regular razor after using the trimmer for a proper clean shaved look.

6. Oil the trimmer – If you want to use your beard trimmer for a long time you need to take care of it properly. From time to time, oil your trimmer. Drop some oil on blades of the trimmer and then run the trimmer. After running it for a while, clean the trimmer and the surface of the blade using a clean dry cloth.

7. Clean blades, used guards – It’s very important to clean the blades everytime you use the trimmer. You can clear all the hair from the blades by using the small clean brush. Remove all the guards you have used for trimming the beard. Put them in the sink, rinse the guards with soap and water.

8. Full Charge – If you are using a trimmer that needs to be charged to use, you should always make sure before trimming the beard that it is fully charged. over the time you might need to replace its battery for continue using the same trimmer.

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