How to Fix Lower Back Pain

Those days when our ancestors were the young stars, back pain was only for the old. But recently, everybody suffers from back pain even a child that has been born is prone to back pain. What causes back pain? When your posture is not upright you are likely to experience back pain, when one of the muscles at your back is injured you are likely to experience back pain, when you hit the gym and weightlift in a wrong way, when you do not do adequate exercise and many more others.

Lower back pain occasionally tends to be so sharp that the infected person can’t make any motion or afford an upright
posture. This mostly results from major injuries caused by poor weight lifting or during a sporting activity. At a times the pain may be referred to as chronic. What does this mean? A pain that goes for a duration of three months or more. Such kind of long-lasting pain should never be taken lightly but the infected should make efforts of visiting a specialist at any hospital for a thorough medical screening and checkup.

How can you fix your lower back pain without seeking medical attention? There are some stretching techniques you can
apply to fix it, or even anti-inflammatory aids likeĀ

Restful Pose;

This is a common type of pose in Yoga that helps in the general body relaxation. How is it done? On the floor, ensure that your knees are widely placed as compared to your hip, stretch your hands in front forward away from your body. Push your hipbone behind to meet your heel. Relax on this posture for at least 20 seconds. Come up again and repeat the procedure at least three times.

Cobra stretch;

Have you ever seen a cobra when ready to attack? The way it raises its head for proper vision? In yoga, we have the cobra stretch. How is this stretch done? First, lay flat on the floor, position your hands at the kidney area with an open palm, and then gently push your upper body up letting your arms support your weight until you reach that position you feel very comfortable at then relax there for 8-1 0 seconds.

Move back to your initial posture and repeat the procedure three times. This exercise is vital in stretching the lower back and the muscles located around the abdomen.

Knee to chest;

How is this done? First of all, lie on your back or facing the sky, with your toes facing upwards. Gently bend your left knee and bring it towards your chest. Use both hands to hold your things then try making your knees reach your chest. At a comfortable position, hold on it for 15-20 seconds and then gently allow the knee back to its normal position. Repeat this procedure three times for each knee.

This kind of stretch is important in stretching the lower back, and the pelvis alignment.

The above three stretching exercises are not meant for medical purposes but they are locally proven ways of relieving the lower back pain. Thus it is important to keep them in practice at home or at the gym.

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