Fixing Your Broken Jewelry!

Jewelry can have a variety of meanings in our lives. It could be a symbol of love from a loved one, a declaration of one’s belief or just an accessory to make us look and feel better. However as with most things, it can fade or wear out and as such needs constant maintenance.

Rings are an excellent example of jewelry which needs a lot of maintenance. Over the years the size of a person’s fingers may change in size. They could shrink or expand depending on the person’s lifestyle and choices. As such resizing can be in order. A person may be surprised to find the ring slipping off or fitting too snug. When this happens, it is time to visit the elizabeth diamond troy ohio for a resizing.

Additionally, a ring might contain a precious gem or stone on it, as is usually the case with engagement rings. Because of constant movement or stress applied to the stone over a period of time, the stone can become loose. It is therefore essential to get the stone tightened to avoid losing it which may be a loss of money as some of the stones can be quite expensive. Also, honestly, how can you show off your engagement ring with no stone glittering to attract attention?

The next item that needs to be looked at is the ring head and also prong resetting. A prong is an extension shaped like a claw that holds a stone, usually a diamond, in place. The head comprises of many prongs and is where the stone is set. These may also loosen over time and need to be reset to ensure that the diamond stays in place.

Another piece of jewelry that may need looking after is a chain. This can be from lockets or necklaces which you own. The chain can snap when placed under too much pressure. This could happen when you’re changing clothes and forget you have it on or being grabbed with the necklace on. The chain therefore needs constant caution and needs to be repaired if anything happens.

A chain clasp can also be damaged pretty easily. Using too much force to remove the necklace or even constant removal and wearing tend to wear out the clasp pretty easily. This in turn interferes with the aesthetic of the jewelry as it may be skewered or just hanging loosely. Again a trip to the jeweler is required to get it fixed.

Finally, pearls are pretty delicate pieces of jewelry. They can come off pretty easily without proper care by using too much pressure on them. Lost pearls interfere with the overall look of the jewelry. As such, lost pearls need to be taken to a jeweler for restringing if you still want to maintain the initial aesthetic of the pearl accessory.

All of the above jewelry have a certain shine or luster to them when new but this can fade over time from being exposed too long in the air or moisture. They therefore need occasional polishing to retain that luster and to increase their overall attractiveness.

Prevention is better than cure so I would advise you to exercise due caution when handling your jewelry, but when the inevitable wear and tear happens, its time to go see your jeweler.

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