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The current technological advancement may make you feel that there are limited risks associated with the loss of Social Security Cards. But there is need to understand that many people have suffered after they misplaced these valuable cards or even after they have been stolen by some unscrupulous people. It is therefore important that you take proper care of the Social Security Card or if it happens to get lost, take immediate action to notify the relevant authorities as the outcome of the loss may end up doubling your pain. The following are the risks associated with the loss of Social Security Cards.

Your identity risks being compromised

This is one of the most dangerous risks of losing your card as it is the card that allows you to carry out your vital life transaction in the US. This, therefore, means that without the social security card, you can’t be identified and that may lead to someone else carrying out a bad transaction in your name, especially if the card happens to land into wrong hands. There have been cases of thieves who have taken bad debts using some collected social security cards making their owners pay dearly for debts that they did not benefit from. The card replacement process is long and it may take ages to get a new one

The loss of the social security card requires you to apply for a new one with Since you have already compromised your identity, the process may take a long time as you have to provide so many documents to prove your identity. Getting your birth certificate, citizenship papers or passport and taking them to the office of the social security administration is a process that will consume so much of your time.

Your confidential information may land into unauthorized hands

This happens if your card is taken by an unscrupulous person. The person can easily access all your sensitive documentation such as health records and banking information. It is also risky because such a person may use your Social Security Card to apply for identification forms such as passports and driver’s license.

You are awarded the task of keeping on monitoring your identity in future

Upon losing the social security card, you never know who will be using it and the purposes in which it will be used. This, therefore, requires you to keep monitoring your financial reports so that you will be aware if someone else has used it to transact any business such as opening a financial account in your name or applying for the credit.

You will not be able to secure jobs and getting government services

Because you no longer have the social security card, it is difficult for any employer to verify your identity thus applying for jobs becomes hectic. You will also have a difficult time filling taxes because for you to fill them, having the social security card number is a requirement. These are the various services that you are denied if your card happens to get lost.

Having seen the risks that you may face after losing your social security card, it is advisable that you make the required step of applying for its replacement for you to be on the safe side.

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