Different ways to augment your cheeks

Facial traits are always regarded as the foremost signs of youth and beauty. A special role play the cheeks, which define the shape of the face and give it a unique and appealing expression. Since it is not supposed to last forever, certain unpleasant phenomena, like ageing and weight loss, can step in and reduce the beauty appeal displayed, once, by high and shining cheekbones. Luckily, plastic surgical procedures are available, such as Cheek Filler with melbourne based cosmetic doctors, that are meant to lift the cheeks or fill them up for regaining volume.

Plastic surgeons use several methods to augment the cheeks. Among them are distinguished those with temporary effect, such as hyaluronic acid injections and with permanent effect, such as silicone implants and natural fat fillers. The place where the implant is added also differs, depending on the target facial trait that need to be is restored. Each method acts in its own way, but, targets the ultimate goal of regaining a beautiful facial appearance.

Hyaluronic Acid

This is a self-synthesized substance, found in the body tissues. Before getting under the skin, it is properly processed to be approved as a medical injectable filler. This filler gets pushed deeply inside the skin, in the mid-face zone, and starts making its effect. The hyaluronic filler, occupies the space under the skin, and helps hide out laugh lines and wrinkles. This fights off ageing signs and brings a youthful appearance back on your face. Also, hyaluronic acid removes face asymmetry by evening up the cheeks.

Silicone Implants

If you decide to achieve a permanent and positive effect on your faded cheeks, a silicone implant would be a good helper. This entails a much more difficult process, First, it requires a thorough analysis of patient’s face, after which the surgeon will identify the proper size and shape of the silicon piece to be applied. It all ends with the surgical procedure, where the implant is fitted in the holes that are directly made in the cheekbones. Are you asking what will bring you all these painful struggles ? Well, silicone implants ensures a significant decrease in wrinkles by lifting the cheekbones. It provides a fine and neat skin, which will keep aging, for long, apart. Also, silicone adds volume to a skinny face, helping to combat the negative aesthetic effect of weight loss, or of a natural-born thin face structure.

Fat Fillers

This method entails injections, in the mid-face area, with natural fat picked-up directly from patient’s tissues. The natural material is extracted, chiefly, from belly and thighs, using a popular surgical procedure, liposuction. After completing the liposuction, the surgeon injects the fat in the targeted face zone. This is an efficient procedure, as fat sticks to the original tissues and ensures a permanent volume correction, an appealing contour of the face and a better projection of the cheekbones.

All in all, cheeks are key details of the face that define its beauty traits, and such operation as augmentation is indispensable to keep them always high and gleaming. Besides combating ageing this helps reinforcing face symmetry and reduce weight loss effects.

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