Dangers of getting addicted to drugs

Drug addiction and alcoholism can lead to many devastating consequences for both teens and adults. There are many cases of criminal activities like assault, rape, and murder which are often associated with drugs and alcohol. Some individuals who are using legal drugs for medical reasons are unintentionally putting themselves at risk of dependency as they start self-medication. Addiction to alcohol and drugs will have different impacts on a person’s life.


The effects of addiction to a person may differ according to the kind of substance that they are addicted to. There are many physical effects which are very obvious while some detrimental effects will not be noticed until significant complications arise. According to experts of alcohol rehab center, knowing the indications of addiction is very important as this will serve as a guide to help an addict to find proper medical treatment as early as possible.


Physiological Effects

The most apparent physical effects of addiction to drugs and alcohol are observed in the addict’s appearance. They usually have red eyes, dark circles under the eyes because of sleeping problems, nagging cough and changes in the eating habits. Changes in his personality and behavior, performance in school or at work will also be observed. Many drug and alcohol addicts experience loss of appetite, malnutrition and strong physical cravings for the substance. This will also lead consumers to engage in illegal activities such as prostitution and burglary.


The mental effects that will be experienced by a person who is under the influence of substances like drugs and alcohol will change his entire state of being. Abusers may encounter unfavorable changes and may find it difficult to live without the substance as they start to have psychological cravings (e.g. even through a suboxone detox). Many experts of drug addiction rehab claimed that in many cases the serious consequences of depression and anxiety associated with drugs and alcohol could lead to suicide, coma, and death.


Financial Effects

There have been many people who lost their jobs because of drugs and alcohol. Their desires to take greater amounts of the substance often lead them to invest beyond their means. This is the reason why most addicts are facing increasing financial problems and debts which are totally out of control.


Social Effects

Addiction will also deteriorate a person’s affiliation with family, and other people as the sufferer tends to work things on his learning that people are avoiding him because of the habit. Many inter-personal relationships are affected by addiction including a marital status that leads to separation or divorce.

The effects of drug and addiction are devastating. If early indications of addiction are noticed, sufferers are urged to seek medical treatments immediately.


A Drop in school performance – A student with a drug abuse problem will have a decrease in their

performance at school. They are in no mood to participate in any school activities, have no interest in participating in class, always wants to be alone and decreasing grades. Occasionally a student would skip school entirely and would carry on doing so for a couple of days. During such time they would spend all their money on drugs and alcohol. This sort of habit for students won’t just affect their education but also their general health by continuing to abuse such narcotics.


Effects in behavior

Students would usually display various kinds of behavior depending on the type of drugs they are hooked

on. Others would often display acts of aggression and violence towards their fellow students while others would display a depressive state of mind. This means that the addiction such students are going through is beginning to affect their mental performance. Such side effects can cause them to have mixed feelings about even the smallest things, therefore, making them easily distressed and paranoid. A student with symptoms such as these must immediately get treatment to avoid the long term effects the drugs may cause their psyche.


Affected family

Not only does drug addiction affect a student’s performance at school but it also affects their relationship with their loved ones. Teenagers would distance themselves from their friends and family. They don’t want to mingle with them or bond with them because they are afraid that their friends might judge them about their addiction or that their family might find out and become disappointed. They’re also afraid that if their family or friends find out they may send them to a rehab center to get treatment.

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