Choosing the perfect comb for your beard

Beards have been gaining popularity in the last few years and it is now estimated that a whopping 55% of men worldwide have beards. This is a stark contrast from a few years ago when the cleanly shave look was more appreciated by men. Just like you have to care for your hair, you also have to care for your beard. There is a range of speciality products available, designed especially for this purpose.

While beard oil is probably the most well known of the beard care items available, it is by no means the only thing that you need to take care of your beard. Most men omit one vital tool from their beard care regime, this tool and the multigroom series 3100 is essential in sculpting and tidying your beard. We are referring to a comb of course!

There are many different combs to choose from, starting with the basic plastic models, all the way up to bespoke high-quality combs. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a cheap comb is just as good as an expensive one, that most definitely is not the case. Science has proven that the static electricity created by plastic combs is in fact very bad for hair and it can cause your facial hair to become brittle and lose its natural look and feel.

What then is the best type of comb to use for your beard?

Research has shown that traditional wooden combs are the best tool to use on your beard. Sandalwood is particularly popular and has a unique scent that is also found in many other beard care products such as beard oils. The best quality beard combs are manufactured by hand from wood. Wood is the preferred material because it creates no static electricity and it doesn’t tear or pull on your beard. Plastic or metal combs have very fine imperfections which can trap beard hair and tug it out, your aim is to style your beard, not to pluck it!

Handmade combs are also a great accessory to your beard care collection because they look great! They come in various shapes and sizes so that you can take care of your beard easily. Whether you prefer the switchblade design for its portability or the traditional comb style for its timeless elegance, you are sure to find the comb that meets your needs.

Why should you comb your beard?

Well, this one is pretty straightforward. Beards look wild and unruly when they are not combed. You can spend hundreds of dollars on products like beard oil and still end up with an amateur look if you don’t invest the time to comb your beard regularly. Beards also tangle and combing them removes these tangles for a cleaner, more sophisticated look.

There you have it, our thoughts on the best comb for your beard. Handmade wooden combs are hands down the best option for maintaining your beard. You can get some great combs online or in stores which specialise in beard care. Beards have become somewhat of a fashion statement and are now very popular amongst young men. This has created a whole new world of accessories and products that compliment your facial hair. Your beard is an extension of you and how you take care of it also says something about you. Have fun and look great, with the right comb for your beard!

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