The danger of not caring about cybersecurity

Although cybersecurity is relatively an old term, in recent years it has amassed massive attention due to IT awareness. But what really is cybersecurity? In simple terms, cyber security which is also known as information technology security deals in protecting the data, networks, and information from unauthorized access. If data is exposed to an unauthorized person, it can have serious repercussions such as leakage, stealing, destruction or change of data or information.

Security of the data is made sure by undertaking routine checks and performing activities in order to minimize the risk and threats of cyber-attacks. Cybersecurity professionals fromĀ are always looking for vulnerabilities in networks which can be exploited by the hackers. So in short, cybersecurity incorporates all the techniques and processes which are used to protect data which is connected to internet from illegal access.

Since the internet has become an integral part of our daily lives and it has become a major source of information and communication the importance of cybersecurity with it has also increased. Most of our private information is up on the internet and if there without any protecting hackers can easily steal our information.

Growing cyber threats such as theft of data, internet related scams, phishing scams and other type of cyber-related vulnerabilities now require individuals and corporations to remain vigilant about protection of their sensitive data and information due to which we make sure that our computers and phones are secure from being hacked and free of malicious software, which can lead to hacking. Large corporations like banks have a dedicated cybersecurity departments which make sure that banks are impenetrable to cyber-attacks because hackers can steal the credit card information, customer records and other types of sensitive data. In addition to that governments also have cybersecurity divisions which make sure that information and networks are safe and secure.

There is a dire need to make the masses aware of the importance of cybersecurity and dangers of not caring about it. In recent years there have been countless cyber-attacks which have led to severe damages and have cost billions of dollars to governments and corporations. In the year 2017, many notorious cyber-attacks took place all across the world leading to information theft and another leakage of sensitive data. For example, an attack by the name of WannaCry gained considerable media coverage. WannaCry was a ransomware which spread around the whole world targeting large corporations and government departments. It was chaotic and led to major breakdown for many institutions on the national scale. Likewise, another attack which also got huge attention was conducted by a group known as Shadow Brokers which breached through a spy operation which was being conducted by NSA, thus exploiting the agenda of operation. Shadow Brokers have conducted multiple attacks on NSA which have resulted in leakage of information. On the individual level, we are always at risk of a cyber threat, and there can be anyone who is spying on us by breaching into our computers. There are reports of millions of attacks which happen in social media in which the private information of people is exposed on major social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

We can secure our information by being more vigilant and get more knowledge as much as we can, in order to protect our information. Individuals, as well as corporations which are not serious about cybersecurity, often get attacked which can lead to serious consequences. The dangers of not caring about cybersecurity are very grave and should not be ignored at all costs.